3 principles for typefaces – are you using it right?

Type is one of the most important pieces of a design. Is the basic building, is here where your potential client will read about your business and reach you. But are you using it right? Or your designer is using it, right? Well, let’s learn a little more about the difference and how important it is, ready?

There are 3 principles for typefaces, and is really easy to identify but be very careful or instead of a nice design, you will confuse your potential client.

1- Concordance: This one is when is used in design all font from the same family, like Arial font, you can use some words in bold, italic, etc… But it will be the same font family, so for this principle make sure you are picking a superfamily type, so you can have multiple variations. Concordance is the easiest one to do, but don’t mean that your design is poor, if you choose a good font and know how to turn it interesting to the client’s eyes there’s no way to go wrong with the concordance. Let’s see an example?