Do you know the difference between JPG and PNG?

There’s a lot of types of files out there, and JPG and PNG are the most common. In the first sign looks the same, but gets a little confused because have a lot of differences between this two.

“But, if I’m hiring someone to do some design for me they should know and send to me the right file, right?” you ask. Let’s say you order a banner to be posted on Facebook and the same banner will be print, so the designer should send to you two types of files: PNG and JPG, which one goes to Facebook and which one will you send to the print shop? Or if you hire someone to do a logo and you just got a JPG? Will you know it is right or not? That’s why we need to know: what is, when to use it, how to use it, what is not good, and CMY or RGB. So are you ready?