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Why do I use Affinity Designer instead of Adobe Illustrator?

When I started to work with graphic design in 2010, I started in a print shop in a small city in Brazil. Back then Corel Draw was the “must be” in all the print shops. I had to learned Corel to be able to work in the print shop, so this was the first vector software that I was getting in touch with.

Adobe Illustrator was present only in big advertising agencies or “high-end designers and illustrators” and also one of the requirements to use a software like that was to have “a powerful machine”, let’s remember this was 10 years ago, so for a print shop in a small city, a really good machine was not an option, and if everyone in the same tree uses Corel WHY change to Illustrator and have toons of headache? So, Corel remained.


Gradient and Shadow effects: How and when to use?

Gradients and shadows can be something that will highlight your brand or put it away, so, be careful and let’s talk about how you can use it right!

Back in the 90’s, effects like gradients and shadows were something unique, fun, different and very common. But, after Google had introduced their ‘Material design’ and then Windows had their ‘Metro” look in 2014 everything started to change . New era for the design, clean, solid colors, no shades, no gradients, no shadows, no effects. Starting a new style, and of course, just turned into a new trend (thank you Google for that).

Welcome to Hunter Designer Blog =D

Hi there! This is my first post here, and I need to be honest, I’m a little anxious, but let’s get started!

My name is Lorrane from Brazil, I’m a Graphic Designer Freelancer, Digital Nomad and a beginner in Illustration. I already lived in Thailand for a while and I’m looking for a new adventure out there.

I have more than 7 years experience in Graphic Design, I’m working as a freelancer almost 3 years and now living and working as a Digital Nomad more than 1 year (and loving it). Currently, I found a passion for illustration so I’m studying to build up my skills in illustration, doing hand-drawn logos (and I discovered that I just love this kind of design).