Do you know the difference between a Bitmap image and a vector file?

Vector files and bitmap images are very different and many people still have doubts about how exactly it works. So, my job here is to teach you about the differences and get rid of those doubts once and for all.

Bitmap (or raster) images are stored as a series of dots called pixels. Each pixel is a tiny square that is assigned a color, with all these pixels together we get a complete image. When we zoom in in a bitmap image we can perfectly see the individual pixels. So, the problem here is: every data of the image is already closed, we already have a color, format, DPI, arrangements, etc… So you can’t edit so easy, let’s’ say you have a JPG/PNG logo with 20x20cm and need to apply in an outdoor with 900x300cm, once you try to enlarge your logo everything will blur. In this case, you will definitely need a vector file. Or if you just need to remove elements, or change colors of your JPG/PNG image? You will need to use photoshop and besides all the work still will not be 100%.